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I was born March 20 in 1954 in Turkmeny.

The main thing in my creativity always were people, environmental my and their world. Therefore in my creativity so it is a lot of portraits. I always interested in history, but through a prism of a private world of the person, his emotional condition.

I love a nature very much, therefore landscapes in my creativity occupy the separate niche. In general I am the very versatile artist, practically I own all styles and directions of painting.

My pictures have parted worldwide — America, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, France, Yugoslavia, Poland, Finland.

For a long time exhibitions of my works will already be carried out in the different countries and cities — in Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Riga, Köln, Helsinki and Cologne.

I am conducted the master class in Helsinki, Tamper (Finland), Riga (Latvia).

I would like that my creativity brought pleasure not only to me, but also to people environmental me, that they reflected, empathized images in my works and simply received aesthetic pleasure.

Always glad to present the pictures to different people and I hope for understanding in their hearts.

Yours faithfully,
Rahmet Redzepov

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